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Types of Japanese Swords

Tachi, nodachi, wakizashi how can one keep track of all these types of Japanese swords? This article provides details about the swords and their meanings.

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How many Times are Katanas Folded?

Are katanas really folded 1000 times? Let’s talk about one of the greatest myths regarding katans. Actually most people cheat about the true fold count.

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1060 Carbon Steel Guide

You probably already heard of the SAE 1060 carbon steel. But what exactly are its advantages? Check out this article to learn more about AISI 1060 steel.

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What is the Hamon Line?

The hamon line is one of the most prominent features of a katana. But are you sure you know everything about it? Check out this article about hamon lines.

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Point of balance on swords and katanas

Never heard of the point of balance? That’s a shame! The point of balance is one of the most overlooked aspects of swords and katanas. Learn about it now!

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Why are katanas curved?

Katanas are curved weapons. In this post you will discover the advantages of the katana curvature. If there are any.

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What can a katana cut through?

Have you ever wondered if a katana can cut through plate armour? There might be some misconceptions about katanas you aren’t aware of.

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How Long Is a Katana?

Do you know how long a katana is? If not then make sure to check out this article about the length of a katana.

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How Much Does a Katana Weigh?

The weight of a katana. Have you ever wondered how heavy a katana really is? Check this article out now to find it out.