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What is a Nodachi?

The nodachi is a very powerful Japanese sword. It was a feared weapon amongst mounted troops. Check out this article to become a nodachi expert.

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What is a Nunti Bo?

The Nunti Bo is a very special Okinawan weapon. It combines the advantages of the Bō and the Nunti Sai. Check out this article to discover its features.

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What is a Sai?

The Sai is a melee weapon developed in Okinawa. It is mainly a thrusting weapon but can be used for various actions. Check out this article to learn more.

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How to Clean Rust off a Sword

Rust is a sword enthusiast’s greatest enemy. Check out this article to discover the 2 most effective ways of cleaning rust off your sword.

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1095 Carbon Steel Guide

1095 carbon steel is brittle and has high hardness and strength. Should you use this steel type for your sword or katana? Let’s find out.

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Types of Japanese Swords

Tachi, nodachi, wakizashi how can one keep track of all these types of Japanese swords? This article provides details about the swords and their meanings.

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How many Times are Katanas Folded?

Are katanas really folded 1000 times? Let’s talk about one of the greatest myths regarding katans. Actually most people cheat about the true fold count.

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1060 Carbon Steel Guide

You probably already heard of the SAE 1060 carbon steel. But what exactly are its advantages? Check out this article to learn more about AISI 1060 steel.